Mount Hot Pools

Our Pools

Mount Hot Pools features three outdoor pools of varying temperatures, two outdoor spas and three indoor private pools.

The three outdoor pools were each built with a specific purpose in mind. The relaxation pool is designed for soaking, the hydrotherapy pool for swimming, walking and play, and the children's pool for young ones to enjoy. This allows us to cater for a great variety of families and individuals year-round.



Natural salts restore mineral balance via the skin - with saltwater bathing now the basis of many therapeutic treatments.



Pools ranging from 27° to 40°. Whatever the weather outside, you can bask in the warmth of our hot ocean pools.



Regular patrons at Mount Hot Pools attest to a sense of wellbeing after a soak at this facility, and you can enjoy a relaxing massage onsite.

Pool Temperatures

Spa Pool 36.5°
Relaxation Pool 36.7°
Hydrotherapy Pool 36.9°
Children's Pool 36.3°
Private Spas 36.1°

Heating Our Natural Ocean Water

The hot ocean water pools at Mount Hot Pools are the only of their kind, heated up to 40° Celsius via a non-corrosive titanium heat exchange system:

  1. Ocean water is pumped from nearby Pilot Bay (Tauranga Harbour) and passes through a filtration system before heating.

  2. The heat exchange occurs when the ocean water and hot bore water pass through the titanium exchangers in separate channels. The two never mix.

  3. The hot bore water originates from underground saltwater streams 600m deep under Mount Maunganui (Mauao). These streams are heated by hot rock crust that is generated by the geothermal activity in Rotorua 70km south.

"The private pools are a nice way to treat yourself and they even have a speaker for you to connect via Bluetooth to listen to your own music whilst you relax!."

Alissa Pitt

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